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Release Date: March 26, 2020


Mayor Carolyn Blackman and Office of Emergency Management Coordinator (OEM), Richard Cloughley, announce protocols for educating the public and obtaining compliance with Governor Phil Murphy’s Executive Orders.
The Mayor and OEM Coordinator issued the following joint statement, “We believe that educating our public concerning the Governor’s Orders and the importance of social distancing is imperative to reducing the spread of infections. We are committed to doing our best to help our residents understand the reasons why our normal activities, including the way we interact with others must change for the safety of everyone. We ask that you listen to the town employees going around to area businesses and ask any questions you may have.”
Deputy Town Administrator Carlos N. Sanchez stressed the importance of changing routines to reduce the spread of infection. “In many cultures, signs of affection, such as embracing, kissing, and ‘close talking’ are expected when greeting and departing; however, in these times, it is simply unsafe to do so. Maintaining social distance is the single most important way to demonstrate true caring for your friends and loved ones until the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says differently.”Sanchez continued, “We are also asking that, whenever possible, only one member of a household leave the home to do shopping, laundry, or other essential errands. Our motto is, ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe. Do it for yourself, your loved ones, and everyone else.’”

The Town of Dover’s Code Enforcement Department and Licensing Inspector will be on the front lines of the education and compliance effort. Bill Isselin, who heads the Code Enforcement Department, stated, “Code Enforcement Officers are already trained to work with our residents for compliance and they do a great job at it. I am confident that my Department is ready for the challenge. Department members will receive specific subject matter training on the Governor’s Orders. They are instructed to educate and seek compliance from our residents, visitors, and business owners. Officers are not empowered to issue summonses for violations of the Governor’s Orders.”
Patrick Laverty, the Licensing Inspector, stated, “I have well-established relationships with many of our local businesses; I am confident that will serve me well in this educational and compliance endeavor. I look forward to playing a key role in helping my community understand this pandemic and its potential impact on all of us. I have some educational materials in hand and will continue to accumulate other appropriate resources to share.”

In the event our businesses, residents, and visitors decide not to comply with the educational opportunities provided by the Licensing Inspector or the Code Enforcement Officers to become compliant, the Dover Police Department will intervene. Per the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, Police Officers will make one attempt to mediate the situation with the noncompliant individual or business representative. If that attempt fails, the Police Officer will move forward with charges.

Chief Law Enforcement Officer Jonathan Delaney stated, “My department is prepared to work with our residents, visitors, and businesses in a positive way. We understand the stress this unprecedented situation is placing upon all of us. Residents can count on our Officers to use sound judgment in exercising discretion. I am pleased that all of our officers have body cameras, which provide an accurate and unbiased recorded account of police related incidents and interactions. This should give our residents confidence in our department to protect and serve our community with the highest level of professionalism. We are simply looking for compliance with protocols to keep us all safer; filing charges, while an option that will be exercised as needed, is the last resort. As the point person for the receipt of information from the State Police and the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office regarding the Governor’s Orders, I will work with our Licensing Inspector and our Code Enforcement Officers to keep them informed as to the ever-changing dynamics of this novel situation.”