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Social Distancing Guidelines (English/Spanish)

Release Date: March 28, 2020



  Social Distancing Guidance for Essential Retail Businesses
Social distancing involves taking measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the op- portunities for exposure. The general recommendation is to avoid crowds and close contact by keeping six feet between yourself and others. When social distancing is properly imple- mented, it can be an important strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Grocery Stores and Specialty Food Stores
Executive Order No. 107 designated grocery stores and other stores that sell food goods as essential. The supply chain for these stores has not been disrupted and these stores are permitted to operate during their normal operating hours.
These stores should continue to follow social distancing and hygiene best practices. To that end, retailers should:
• Consider reserving certain hours for senior citizens and other high-risk populations.
• Not permit staff who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (such as fever or a cough)
to come to work.
• Train employees on ideal hygiene practices, including proper handwashing.
• Increase frequency of cleaning and sanitizing per the Centers for Disease Control and Pre-
vention (CDC) Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection guidance of all hard surfaces, in- cluding tables and counter tops that are being utilized by employees and patrons, as well as restrooms.
• Consider installing sanitizing stations for customers and staff throughout the store.
• Assist customers in keeping at least 6 feet of space between individuals or family groups
while shopping and waiting in line.
• Eliminate foods put on display and sample foods and reduce self-service food stations.
• Consider posting signage to encourage customers to remain 6 feet apart and to promote proper hygiene.
The majority of these guidelines apply to other essential retail businesses. These entities are reminded to encourage social distancing practices for staff and customers, frequently sani- tize high-touch areas and encourage staff and customers to follow hygiene best practices.
Patrons entering essential retail businesses should abide by the following guidelines:
• If an individual must leave home to access essential goods, they are encouraged to go at non-peak times, to keep distance from other customers in the store, keep visits as brief as possible, and to go alone if possible.
• When shopping and standing in line, customers should keep six feet between themselves and other patrons/staff.
• Individuals should not enter a retail facility if they have symptoms consistent with COVID- 19 (such as fever or a cough), have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or are undergoing a quarantine for potential exposure to COVID-19.

¿Qué es el distanciamiento social?


Los residentes de NJ deben estar preparados para la posibilidad

de un brote de COVID-19 en su comunidad. Tú

puede tomar medidas para reducir la propagación de COVID-19.


Evite lugares públicos (centro comercialescines, estadios) y reuniones masivas


Mantener la distancia (alrededor de 6 pies) de otros cuandosea



Practicar medidas de prevención cotidianas lavarse las manos frecuentemente, permanecer en casa cuando está enfermo, y

cubriendo tos y estornudos



¿Cómo ayuda a detener la propagación

de COVID-19?


El distanciamiento social se centra en loscomportamientos personales que las personas puedentener para reducir su riesgo de infección.


El virus que causa COVID-19 se propaga...


• entre personas que están en estrecho contacto entre sí

(dentro de unos 6 pies)


• a través de gotas respiratorias producidas cuando una

persona infectada tose o estornuda


Estas gotas pueden aterrizar en la boca o las narices de las personas

cerca o posiblemente ser inhalado en los pulmones.