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Town of Dover
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Contact Information

Department: Police Department

Police Department
Name Address Phone
Daniel DeGroot, Public Safety Director
37 N. Sussex Street, Dover, NJ 07801 
TelDaniel DeGroot's973-366-2200 ext. 4104Fax973-328-2969
Anthony Smith, Chief
37 N. Sussex Street, Dover, NJ 07801 
TelAnthony Smith's973-366-2200 ext. 4119Fax973-328-2969
Justin Gabrys, Deputy Chief
37 N. Sussex Street, Dover, NJ 07801 
TelJustin Gabrys's973-366-2200 ext. 4172Fax973-328-2969
Jonathan Delaney, Captain
TelJonathan Delaney's973-366-2200 ext 4186Fax973-328-2969
William Newton, Captain
TelWilliam Newton's973-366-2200 ext 4180Fax973-328-2969
Charles Peterson, Sergeant
TelCharles Peterson's973-366-2200 ext 4173Fax973-366-1813
Michael Pier, Sergeant
TelMichael Pier's973-366-2200 ext. 4181Fax973-366-1813
Anthony Scinto, Sergeant
TelAnthony Scinto's973-366-2200 ext. 4158Fax973-366-1813
Ron Camacho, Sergeant
TelRon Camacho's973-366-2200 ext. 4179Fax973-366-1813
Anthony Liguori, Sergeant
TelAnthony Liguori's973-366-2200 ext. 4195Fax973-328-2969
Oxmani Corona, Sergeant
TelOxmani Corona's973-366-2200 ext. 4182Fax973-328-2969
Joel Gotera, Detective
TelJoel Gotera's973-366-2200 ext. 4204Fax973-328-2969
Raziel Aragon, Detective
TelRaziel Aragon's973-366-2200 ext. 4203Fax973-366-1813
Dakota Keyworth, Detective
TelDakota Keyworth's973-366-2200 ext. 4198Fax973-366-1813
Kris Wojtylo, Detective
TelKris Wojtylo's973-366-2200 ext. 4196Fax973-366-1813
Jose Matos, School Resource Officer
TelJose Matos's973-366-2200 ext. 4178Fax973-366-1813
Jonathan Cachola, School Resource Officer
TelJonathan Cachola's973-366-2200 ext. 4185Fax973-328-2969
Francisco Aragon , Patrolman
TelFrancisco Aragon 's973-366-2200 ext. 4217Fax973-366-1813
Samuel Berthoud, Patrolman
TelSamuel Berthoud's973-366-2200 ext. 4214Fax973-366-1813
Ilmi Bojkovic , Patrolman
TelIlmi Bojkovic 's973-366-2200 ext. 4205Fax973-36-1813
Christopher Caraig , Patrolman
TelChristopher Caraig 's973-366-2200 ext. 4201Fax973-366-1813
Aldo Cicchetti, Patrolman
TelAldo Cicchetti's973-366-2200 ext. 4152Fax973-366-1813
Juan Concepcion, Patrolman
TelJuan Concepcion's973-366-2200 ext. 4216Fax973-366-1813
Michael Cordes , Patrolman
TelMichael Cordes 's973-366-2200 ext. 4221Fax973-366-1813
Ulises Corona, Patrolman
TelUlises Corona's973-366-2200 ext.4198Fax973-366-1813
Joseph Dodd , Patrolman
TelJoseph Dodd 's973-366-2200 ext. 4210Fax973-366-1813
Jonathan Echevarria, Patrolman
TelJonathan Echevarria's973-366-2200 ext. 4199Fax973-366-1813
Robert Fenske , Patrolman
TelRobert Fenske 's973-366-2200 ext. 4218Fax973-366-1813
Bryan Flammia, Patrolman
TelBryan Flammia's973-366-2200 ext. 4145Fax973-366-1813
William McCarthy, Patrolman
TelWilliam McCarthy's973-366-2200 ext. 4141Fax973-366-1813
Boris Sanchez, Patrolman
TelBoris Sanchez's973-366-2200 ext. 4219Fax973-366-1813
Louis Sperry, Patrolman
TelLouis Sperry's973-366-2200 ext. 4150Fax973-366-1813
Oscar Suarez, Patrolman
TelOscar Suarez's973-366-2200 ext. 4183Fax973-366-1813
Paul Wilkes, Patrolman
TelPaul Wilkes's973-366-2200 ext. 4175Fax973-366-1813
Bridgette Toback, Police Secretary
TelBridgette Toback's973-366-2200 ext. 4101Fax973-328-2969
Zoraida Lopez, Records Clerk
TelZoraida Lopez's973-366-2200 ext. 4005Fax973-537-6869
Angelica Lorenzo , Records Clerk
TelAngelica Lorenzo 's973-366-2200 ext. 4006Fax973-537-6869