Whoosh Mobile Pay Option Coming April 2015

Dover has announced an exciting change to its parking system. Starting in early April, people looking to pay for parking in Dover’s public parking lots will have an additional payment option. Patrons will have the option to use their cell phones, tablets, and computers to pay for parking.

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Rate Increase Effective July 5, 2011 

Effective July 5, 2011, a rate increase will take effect for all day parking. Standard parking spaces will increase from $2.50 per day to $3.00 per day. Prime parking spaces will increase from $4.00 per day to $5.00 per day. Prime spaces are located in Lot "A" (Train Station Lot) nearest the station. Hourly spaces will remain at their current rate of $0.50 per hour. The Pay Stations in Lot "A" will now accept $5 bills, but patrons are advised that, as in the past, NO CHANGE WILL BE PROVIDED for any payments put in any of the Pay Stations.

Additionally, effective July 5, 2011 the maximum hourly rate time limit for parking in Lots "E" & "H" will be increased from 2 hours maximum to 3 hours maximum.

"Standard " Spaces: All Day = $3.00
"Prime" Spaces: All Day = $5.00
Hourly Spaces: $0.50 per Hour

Click Here to see a Map of the Town's Parking Lots and the New Rate Structure