Water Department

Click Here for On-line Water/Sewer Bill Payments

For your convenience a payment DROP BOX is located at the south east corner of Town Hall on the river side.


Robert Kinsey - Water Superintendent                    Fran Maenza - Admin Assistant
(973) 366-2200 Ext. 2143                                        (973) 366-2200 Ext. 2125
rkinsey@dover.nj.us                                                fmaenza@dover.nj.us

For after hours water emergencies, please contact the Dover Police Department, non-emergency phone number at 973-366-0302

Water Commissioner 2019 Meeting Schedule

The Board of Water Commissioners meets at 6:30pm at 100 Princeton Avenue on the following dates:

     January 9th 
     February 13th
     March 13th
     April 10th
     May 8th
     June 12th
     July 10th
     August 14th
     September 11th
     October 9th
     November 13th
     December 11th
     January 8, 2020


Account balances over 30 days are subject to immediate shut off of water.  Please make payments in a timely manner.  Payments are accepted online, in the payment drop box, by mail or in person.  Each zone is billed quarterly.  Account balances can be viewed by using the online payment system. 
Please call 973-366-2200 Ext. 1151 for more information.

Transferring Billing from Owner to Tenant

CLICK HERE for an OWNER/TENANT Transfer Billing Request.  Return the completed form to the Water Department.  A "Final Reading" must be secured prior to the tenants moving out and/or the tenants moving in.  Please call the Service Department at 973-366-2200 Ext. 2125 to schedule an appointment for a Final Reading.  A $21.00 reconnect fee/new account fee will be charged on the tenant's first water and/or sewer bill.  

Outside Water Meters

If you have an outside water meter, please call your meter readings in annually.  Please bring the meters inside during winter months as these meters can freeze during cold weather.  


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